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  • Laura Smillie is a studio potter based in Jersey, Channel Islands, specialising in slip-cast ceramics.
  • Lauren Radley Illustration

    (Lauren Radley)
    Lauren Radley is a UK based illustrator and designer.
  • Le Boutillier Family

    (Richard, Nicki, Charles and Bryony Le Boutillier)
    The Le Boutillier family have been farming at Woodlands Farm for generations. They are one of the few remaining mixed Dairy and Potato farms in the Island, still growing their Jersey Royal New Potatoes in soil fertilised by the herd.
  • Le Rocquier School

    (Stewart Elston)
    Le Rocquier is the Genuine Article - Le Rocquier School have recently proven that they are the Genuine Article. In September 2012 the school gained the prestigious Genuine Jersey mark for one of the many products that are designed and manufactured within the school’s Technical Skills Faculty.
  • Liberation Brewery

    (Patrick Dean)
    The Liberation Brewery, in one form or another has been a traditional ingredient of Channel Islands’ life since Queen Victoria was on the throne, so its award-winning beers brim over with genuine local flavour.
  • Liberty Rock

    (Liz Pirouet)
    From large tote bags to small purses every Liberty Rock item is entirely hand made by the two of us using a wide variety of fabrics suited to each different season and aimed to make them as practical and stylish as possible.
  • Lisa Le Brocq

    (Lisa Le Brocq)
    Handmade and designed Contemporary Silver Jewellery. Working and living on such a beautiful Island is key to the successful inspiration behind the work by this local Artist and Maker.
  • L'Office du Jèrriais

    (Tony Scott Warren)
    Jèrriais is a language in which Jersey people have exchanged poetry, stories, scandals, beliefs and business. It is a language of lullabies and laughs, satire and swearwords, and so much Jersey history is recorded only in Jèrriais. It is a living language and we look forward to passing it on to generations to come.
  • Manomara

    (Anna Messervy-Evans)
    Natural skin balm & ointments hand made by the sea, from a blend of luxury botanicals and Soil Association certified organic ingredients.
  • Mark Pinnick

    (Mark Pinnick)
    After moving to Jersey Mark Pinnick missed the cured meat snacks he had enjoyed while living in South Africa and so began to investigate curing Jersey beef to create his own Biltong. Word of mouth spread and soon Mark found himself running The Little Jersey Biltong Company, a small business supplying a niche market on the island.
  • Martin Cotillard Woodturner

    (Martin Cotillard R.P.T. )
    Martin Cotillard RPT started turning in 1996 and has turned in Jersey, New Zealand, France and the UK. He was enrolled onto the Professional Register of Turners in May 2018 and displays his work at the Harbour Gallery in St Aubin.
  • Meleches Farms

    (Nick Mourant)
    Mourant Farms (trading as Meleches Farms) is the island’s largest independent grower of Jersey Royal potatoes, owned and run by fifth generation farmer, Nick Mourant.
  • Mike Holley Woodturning

    (Mike Holley)
    Mike Holley has enjoyed the craft of woodturning for several years as an occasional activity due to work commitments. Now having retired from a career in unrelated work and with more time to spare, he is able to concentrate more on one of his major interest.
  • Minioti

    (Natasha Dowse & Anna Boletta)
    Qualified paediatric speech and language therapist Anna-Liisa and personal trainer Natasha Dowse produce a healthy and tasty ice cream for children, although it’s suitable for the whole family. Minioti has teamed up with Jersey Dairy to produce their luxurious brand, which comes in three flavours: classic vanilla, rich chocolate and fruity strawberry.
  • Nanette Regan

    (Nanette Regan)
    My name is Nanette Regan, I am an illustrator based in Jersey. I create two main ranges of work, a children's collection and a collection which incorporates phrases in Jèrriais, the indigenous language of the island.
  • Naomi Renouf

    (Naomi Renouf)
    As a textile artist and painter I am constantly inspired by the coast and the countryside of Jersey. Although nearly all my work is a reflection of the natural environment of the island, some pieces are based on other ideas or places that I have visited. I create both large and small scale works which range from representational to abstract.
  • I love photography, I love landscapes and nature and that provides me with my excuse and my way in! I have a large portfolio of local images that I hope reflect not only my passion for photography but also my passion for Jersey. Most of my prints are sold in limited edition runs of 50 or 100 prints. This keeps me on my toes and ensures that new images are added to the website on a regular basis.
  • One Hand Design

    (Glyn Burton)
    A glass worker producing flame worked beads, architectural glass and sculpture from their studio in St Mary, Jersey.
  • Pallots Wonders

    (David Pallot)
    Jersey wonders (Mèrvelles dé Jèri ) are best described as a rich twisted doughnut, shaped like a lover’s knot – but without the jam filling or sugar coating. This traditional Jersey delicacy is a popular treat at fairs, festivals and markets around the Island, all year long and for generations.
  • Pat-A-Cakes Jersey

    (Jenna Johnson-Rayner)
    A Pat-a-cakes Jersey cake is one which tastes as good as it looks. Pat-a-Cakes Jersey was born at the same time as my youngest son and named by my eldest son after the nursery rhyme. It is a family business with my husband and sons enjoying any leftovers!
  • Paul Darroch

    (Paul Darroch)
    Paul Darroch is a writer who specialises in bringing Jersey’s rich and colourful past to life.
  • Paul Houzé

    (Paul Houzé)
    Dairy farmer Paul Houzé is at the vanguard of the most momentous diversification in the proud history of the world-famous Jersey Cow.
  • Pebble.Love

    (Michelle Noel)
    Pebble.Love was set up by Michelle in 2016. Michelle creates unique quirky pieces of art using carefully selected locally sourced pebbles and materials from Jersey.
  • Peter Gosselin

    (Peter Gosselin)
    Medical retirement after a varied career - which included farming, engineering, transport, plus manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing of fishing tackle - allowed Peter to use dormant metal turning skills as a basis for therapy. This soon turned into woodturning.
  • Peter Houguez

    (Peter Houguez)
    Peter is a dairy farmer with a herd of about nine cows. However, his is a member of Genuine Jersey for the white carrots which he grows on his farm for his cattle. The cows love the taste of the carrots which in turn are beneficial for the herd because they don't colour the milk.