Le Pav

Oli Simmons
3 East View Farm
Rue de la Croiserie

Telephone: 01534 865128
Mobile: 07829 737622
Facebook: lepavltd?fref=ts
Twitter: @lepavtimber

Le Pav Ltd is a friendly, local business created by Oli Simmons, who is driven by his passion and long-standing interest in agriculture.

The business has grown over the last few years with investment in an ever-increasing range of machinery offering a wide range of services and solutions to farmers, equine owners and private landowners.

Le Pav is proud to be a Sponsor of Genuine Jersey and we at Le Pav greatly enjoy working with members to help their businesses grow and promote the island local produce.

Services include:
• Overseeding
• Direct Drilling
• Slitting
• Harrowing
• Fertilising
• Spraying
• Rolling
• Sward lifting
• Ploughing
• Power harrowing
• Rotavating
• Sub-soiling
• Hedge cutting
• Flail Mowing
• Baling & Wrapping (conventional & round bales)
• Còtils Maintenance and Recovery - Robocut Mower
• Carting services for foraging etc.

Professional Agriculture
Le Pav understands just how important soil, preparation, spraying, seeding and bailing are. Using the latest technology, Le Pav provide an efficient and cost effective service across the island.

Equine Pasture Care and Renovation
Pasture care and renovation is a grow sector of our market. More owners every year realize that they have to care and put back in to there grazing areas, in order to get the best out of them for there horses and offer grazing animals.

We offer a wide range of solutions to improve old and run down pasture. Le Pav can offer complete plough and reseed services or other solutions such as sward lifting, slitting and direct drill of new seed in to old pasture.

Còtils Maintenance and Recovery (Robocut Mower)
Còtils maintenance and recovery is the latest area, which Le Pav has expanded in to. After realizing that there was a gap in the market and see many people struggle with keeping còtils under control or in some cases losing them completely.

Le Pav Ltd purchased a Robocut Mower this is a specialized còtils or steep slope mower.

With the machine operated by remote control it can easily operate in confined spaces and also on slopes up to 60 degree’s. We hope that this is going to be of great asset on the island with recovering and restoring old lost fields on the north coast to helping the States manage SSI land and for private land owner.