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  • Nanette Regan

    (Nanette Regan)
    My name is Nanette Regan, I am an illustrator based in Jersey. I create two main ranges of work, a children's collection and a collection which incorporates phrases in Jèrriais, the indigenous language of the island.
  • Naomi Renouf

    (Naomi Renouf)
    As a textile artist and painter I am constantly inspired by the coast and the countryside of Jersey. Although nearly all my work is a reflection of the natural environment of the island, some pieces are based on other ideas or places that I have visited. I create both large and small scale works which range from representational to abstract.
  • I love photography, I love landscapes and nature and that provides me with my excuse and my way in! I have a large portfolio of local images that I hope reflect not only my passion for photography but also my passion for Jersey. Most of my prints are sold in limited edition runs of 50 or 100 prints. This keeps me on my toes and ensures that new images are added to the website on a regular basis.